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We believe software should be beautiful & inspired

JavaScript Charts, JavaScript Gauges and JavaScript Flight Gauges.

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We're experts in frontend, backend & test driven development

We use LESS, Backbone and Rails. ASP.NET MVC and J2EE Play are fine frameworks too.
Every day respected brands worldwide rely on TechOctave solutions!

Beautiful dashboard gauges for the sophisticated developer

Beautifully illustrate your data. Start reaching your goals.

Beautiful dashboard gauges for the sophisticated developer.

Beautiful flight gauges for the sophisticated developer

Next Generation Aerospace Simulation & Training Gauges

Beautiful flight simulation gauges for the sophisticated developer.

We build our software on six core principles

Beautifully Illustrated
We start with good design so you can start ahead because we want you to both feel good and look good.
Cross Browser Compatible
No one likes having to fiddle with browser quirk after browser quirk. We make sure you never have to.
Lightweight Footprint
Size does matter when you make good software. We stay lightweight so your application loads at lightning speed.
Vector Based for Crisp Zoom and Print
Never worry about pixelation again. Our vector based components are standards based and flexible for both mobile & responsive web solutions.
Highly Configurable
Mix and match features to create something truly unique and all your own. Our components are great for executive dashboards, simulations or simply to impress your hard won clientele.
Framework Agnostic
We believe our JavaScript components do something no one else can. . .We put your success in your hands - as it should be. Choose your favorite framework or choose no framework at all. It's your solution.

We believe in giving back

On our company blog we share best practice development techniques with best-in-class software developers

Simple Long Polling Example with JavaScript and jQuery.

So, what's next exactly?

Purchase a library package. Within a few seconds, you'll receive a receipt for your purchase and a secure link to download the package. Each package comes with tons of examples to get you up and running in no time.

Or contact us to schedule a demo. We'll walk you through the example projects and answer any questions you may have.

Email us sales@techoctave.com or give us a call +1 (614) 398-1220. We look forward to helping you ship the best app of your life.