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Entourage.js - download tracking made simple for thousands TVD Feb 16

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Six months ago, I set out to change the way people track file downloads with Google Analytics. Amidst great success, lo and behold, entourage.js version 1.1.2 has arrived:

Lights. Cameras. Action.

After nearly 10,000 downloads, I'm happy to say entourage.js can be found on websites large and small.

Starters who sell online books use entourage. Transit authorities use entourage. Hospitals use entourage. Influential bloggers and SEO agencies use entourage. And they all love it!

Entourage.js remains unobtrusive and standards based. It's an excellent choice for developers and non-developers alike. Just drop entourage into your existing code base and you're done:

<script type="text/javascript" src="entourage.js"></script>

Need to track a large amount or even a small amount of file downloads? Checkout entourage.js. It's the only automatic download tracking for asynchronous Google Analytics that just works!


  • Previously attached Entourage to "every" link. Here, the issue was Entourage clobbered existing link events - that's bad. Upgrade to attach Entourage only to links with a whitelisted download type.
  • Refactored code base.

A big shoutout to @MikeCP for identifying, analyzing and submitting the issue. Entourage wouldn't be as great without such a talented and passionate community. Enjoy!

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2 comments so far

Ralf 24 Feb 12

Thanks for the great code. But one Question is it possible to extend the code with external Link and for example mailto tracking?? like this one but with async code... thanks and cu ralf

TVD 25 Feb 12

You're welcome Ralf. It certainly is possible. During the early days of Entourage.js, I gave both the external link and mailto feature some serious thought and decided to focus the project solely on tracking downloads. The decision hinged on two main reasons. The first was distilling the project to its highest value proposition. Lastly, I wanted to reduce complexity with the belief that reducing complexity increases a project's longevity. I recommend extending Entourage.js for your specific project. Happy coding and enjoy!

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