Beautiful JavaScript Charts for the sophisticated developer.

Powerful API. Easy to get started.

Beautiful JavaScript Charts for the sophisticated developer.

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+Bar charts Yes Yes Yes
+Column charts Yes Yes
+Line charts Yes Yes Yes
+Scatter charts Yes Yes
+Pie charts Yes Yes Yes
+Bullet charts Yes
+Bubble charts Yes
+Radar charts Yes
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Great products begin with great components.

Every day respected brands rely on us. From new businesses to Fortune 500s and every thing in-between. All satisfied customers:

Every day respected brands worldwide rely on us!

I highly recommend TechOctave's JavaScript Charts. Simple licensing. Clean code. Easy to get started with a powerful API when you need it. TechOctave just gets it. - Aaron Reis, Co-Founder & CTO, Summit

Part of my job is setting the right foundation for success. With TechOctave's JavaScript Charts, we're mobile ready and cross-browser compatible from day one. Beautiful charts with clean code and great support. We made the right move! - Edward Stevens, Sr. Architect, Southwest Airlines

Both beautiful and functional. The only thing that comes close to TechOctave's JavaScript Charts is its Dashboard Gauge Suite. Both are based on Raphael - SVG & VML(IE7+). They just work in every browser, so I can focus on my application. - Pratik Suresh, Tech Lead, Sr. Developer, CA

Beautiful data is engaging data!

It's your data that gives you direction. So make it both meaningful and fun.

With our charts you can clearly present where you are and start seeing where you want to be. Our JavaScript Charts are beautiful and smart:

  • Illustrate and analyze tons of data
  • Create charts that are beautiful & visually appealing
  • Enjoy versatile charts built on standards-based vector graphics
  • Go mobile with iPad and iPhone
  • Acquire the flexibility to use any JavaScript framework
  • Automatic resize option for responsive layouts
  • Zoom and scale without losing quality
  • Print high quality charts at any resolution
  • Customize the look and feel of your charts so it's a perfect fit
  • Customizable, flexible and beautiful tooltips
  • Use our charts offline (no internet connection needed)
  • Blends with any background color in any browser (including IE7+)
  • Never worry about cross-browser compatibility again
  • Seamless integration with our JavaScript Gauges Suite
  • Over 30+ customizable properties

Powerful JavaScript Charts Suite

Pie Charts: Pie charts are circular charts subdivided into pie slices. Pie charts are used to illustrate the size relationship between each pie slice and the whole pie. Our charts include the Pie Chart, Donut Chart and Spie Chart:

Pie Chart - JavaScript Charts Donut Chart - JavaScript Charts

Bar Charts: Bar charts show the changes in a data series over time and can be used to compare one or more categories of data. Stacked bar charts compare the value that each data point contributes to a total across categories. For example, a single bar can represent the amount of sales for one product on top of a bar representing sales for another product. Our charts include the Bar Chart and Stacked Bar Chart:

Bar Chart - JavaScript Charts Stacked Bar Chart - JavaScript Charts

Column Charts: Column charts are vertical bar charts. Like bar charts, they can be used to compare one or more categories of data. Stacked column charts compare the value that each data point contributes to a total across categories. Our charts include the Column Chart and Stacked Column Chart:

Column Chart - JavaScript Charts Stacked Column Chart - JavaScript Charts

Line Charts: Line charts display information as a series of data points connected by straight line segments. Line charts create a simple way to show the changes in value between categories of data. Our charts include the Line Chart and Area Chart:

Line Chart - JavaScript Charts Area Chart - JavaScript Charts

Scatter Charts: Scatter charts are used to show the relationship between two variables. The relationship is displayed as a collection of points using Cartesian coordinates. Our charts include a Scatter Chart:

Scatter Chart - JavaScript Charts

Bullet Charts: Bullet charts feature a primary measure (e.g. revenue) and give you the ability to compare that measure to a target measure. Using color bands, you can relate the primary measure to qualitative ranges of performance (e.g. poor, satisfactory, and good). Our chart can display horizontally and vertically:

Bullet Chart - JavaScript Charts

Bubble Charts: Bubble charts are used to visualize a data set with 2 to 4 dimensions. The first two dimensions are visualized as coordinates, the 3rd as color and the 4th as size. Our chart is highly flexible and beautiful too:

Bubble Chart - JavaScript Charts

Radar Charts: Radar charts plot the values of each category along a separate axis starting from the center of the chart and ending at the outer ring. In a Radar chart, a point close to the center indicates a low value and a point near the perimeter indicates a high value. Expect only the best from our Radar chart:

Radar Chart (Spider Chart, Star Chart) - JavaScript Charts

Powerful customization when details count.

Customers and requirements change. We needed a charting solution that allowed us to change as well - so we built one:

Highly customizable JavaScript charts.

Our JavaScript charts are highly customizable because every situation is different. Changing times require agile solutions. We believe our JavaScript charts do something no one else can...We put your success in your hands - as it should be.

Cross browser goodness baked in.

Cross browser and cross platform. We believe in standards-based development and we believe you can get there without Flash or any other proprietary platform.

That's why we use standards-based SVG, VML and JavaScript. No Flash means longer battery life. No Flash means our charts are mobile friendly - Think iPad & iPhone. It's the right move!

Cross browser and cross platform dashboard charts.

We've tested on both Windows and Mac OS X in every major browser. Including: IE7 and IE8, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and even Opera. You focus on coding your business logic. We've got you covered in the browser department.

Beautiful and Usable Documentation

Software that's easy to use. Software shouldn't be painful to handle. In fact, the information you need to get going should be well organized and easily understood: Beautiful and Usuable Documentation.

We produce quality documentation of how our software works, insuring you spend most of your time enjoying our JavaScript charts and being most productive on your projects.

Powerful API. Great JavaScript Charts!

Everything a sophisticated developer needs. Beautiful object oriented code. You already know JavaScript, so implementation is a breeze. You will find JavaScript, jQuery & Raphael best practices with easily extensible Chart classes and smart default options. Check out this Area Line Chart:

var sales = new LineChart("sales", { data: [ [1000, 400], [1170, 460], [660, 1120], [1030, 540] ], area: true, legendTitle: "Yearly Sales", legendLabels: ["Gauges", "Charts"], groupLabels: ["2008", "2009", "2010", "2011"], lineColors: ["#ff0000", "#2143ff"], majorTicks: 7 });

. . .

<div id="sales"></div>

Is it really that easy? Yes it is my friend. Yes it is.

Cross browser and cross platform JavaScript dashboard charts.

Most of the time you'll need to feed data to your charts from a remote server. Let's say you want to get the latest stock quote for Lockheed Martin:

$.getJSON(url, function(response) { var finance =; var avg_volume = finance.avg_volume["data"]; var market_cap = finance.market_cap["data"]; var data = [[avg_volume],[market_cap]]; sales.setData(data); });

Here, I used jQuery to make an Ajax call to the Google Finance API. What this means is you can update each chart without refreshing the page. You'll be able to do this with every chart in our suite. Think of the possibilities!

Smart and intuitive API design. Each purchase includes sample projects with tons of examples on how to use our chart's API. This includes a live example of how to feed data to our charts from a remote server using Ajax.

For an advanced discussion on client-side polling techniques, see Long Polling with JavaScript and jQuery on the TechOctave blog. There we discuss various options for feeding data to our charts from a remote server.

So, what's next exactly?

Purchase a library package. Within a few seconds, you'll receive a receipt for your purchase and a secure link to download the package. Each package comes with tons of examples to get you up and running in no time.

Or contact us to schedule a demo. We'll walk you through the example projects and answer any questions you may have.

Support for developers by developers.

We built our charts to help you meet your goals. This is why we offer one year of guaranteed support with your purchase to make sure that happens.

Have a few questions or just need to chat - contact or give us a call at +1 (614) 398-1220. We are here to help you succeed and experience a return on your investment!