Hello World!

Handwritten by TVD

Canonical. Simple. Beautiful.

def show
render :text => 'Hello World!'

As transparent as any developer could hope for. Her simplicity, wrapped in a measure of modesty, always threatens to deceive the most skilled of us. Yet, we know better! We people of thought incarnate; We developers.

Hundreds of programming languages. With new ones born every single day. Yet, in her expressiveness we each have the power to conquer them all.

Mobility. Progress. These are her gifts to us! A dowry to her mentat liege that we may thrive on harvests unknown to the many.

More than teaching or learning, her story is one of the Start and how to endure its lessons with grace and humility; How to face its obstacles with strength and honor; How to enjoy those simple moments of victory, and above all, have fun!

Hello World!

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