Man is a bridge, not an end.

Handwritten by TVD

What you are and what you could be are two different sides of the same equation. Too much abstract thought is wasted on pointless comparison between what is and what could be.

Pont du Gard: A masterpiece of Roman aqueduct engineering.

As if individual progress is somehow a combination of snapshots in time. Therein lies the greatest of fallacies…Social porn at its best.

The reality is progress is not a point. The man who pulls himself up by his bootstraps; The man who thrusts himself forward by sheer will alone; This man is not made of intangible glamour shots for your consumption.

He is made of sweat and blood and those tangibles which distinguish men. He, like the blood which courses through his veins, is a combination of winding roads and hidden valleys. Peaks to Valleys.

You see the peaks.

You see the glamour shots and the photo ops. You believe the press. But man is a bridge, not an end and what you see is but a fraction of his journey. A moment in time where he is seduced by rest.

A moment when only dry clothes and a warm bed will do. And for that brief moment he pulls himself out of the winding river and the winter’s cold to celebrate progress…

There are no decisive victories in success. No pinnacle moment that can be identified to say unequivocally, “Yes. We ought to watch for that man.” There are no signals. No pattern recognition.

There is only the Start. For each of us, that start will be different. But, for all of us, the end is the same…

In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti.

And between this time and then…Let us measure each other, not by where we’ve found one another, but in what we do between this day and then. But that’s the hard part - isn’t it?

That means that a man’s worth cannot be distilled in a moment of preconception. That means that each and every one of us must be committed to conversation; Committed to celebrating the individual; Committed to Brotherhood.

And that is hard…

This is not a journey neither I nor you need take in haste. But it is a journey we must take.

Like all things of value, our commitment to each other, our individual responsibility for the future of the greater good, will take time to develop. You see, progress is like that.

But progress is worth the time. Truth be told, what higher concurrency could the Gods demand?

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