TechOctave Gauges 2.2.8: Unlimited Ranges, Precision Values

Handwritten by TVD

The latest version of our JavaScript Gauges Suite is here! :)

The biggest enhancements are Multiple Bands (Ranges) and Custom Value Precision. Now you can have Unlimited Bands and Unlimited Poowerrr (muahahaha) - Wait…

Release Notes: 2.2.8 Gauge.js


- Implemented Multiple Bands E.g. bands: [[start, end, color], [...], [...]]
- Implemented setBands to update band ranges during runtime.
- Implemented Custom Value Precision using majorValuesPercision property. E.g. 0 will create whole number majorValues (3, 4). Whereas 1 will create one decimal point majorValues (2.5, 3.7)
- Added updated.html to show example of Polling, mahorValuesPercision, setBands.
- Implemented animateNeedle property. True => Needle will animate between values, False => Needle will not animate between values.


- Fixed Needle Flicker
- Fixed Major Values Precision Lacking

####[API Improvement]

- Deprecated drawGreenBand
- Deprecated drawYellowBand
- Deprecated drawRedBand
- Removed minAngle and maxAngle properties
- Improved needle mapping algorithm
- Improved band mapping algorithm
- Added bandDegreeOffset for unique gauges. See, textures_ferarri.html

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