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If you use Gmail, you probably by now have seen Google’s promotional push for its VoIP service, Google Voice. As of this week, Google Voice is now a web app that is integrated and accessible through your Gmail window.

If you are an unsatisfied Skype user, you are probably getting really excited because finally there’s an alternative and you feel like you have a choice. Just maybe, Google Voice will offer you the hassle free VoIP service you’ve always wanted.

How does it work?

To make outgoing calls through Gmail, you can click on the call button in the corner of Gmail and then type in the number you wish to dial. Incoming calls will pop-up as a chat window in Gmail. You can also immediately divert calls to your voice mailbox through a single tap on the phone screen.

With Google Voice, you can have a separate Google phone number and then connect your other phones to it so that when you receive a call, the other phones that you’ve enabled will simultaneously ring.

Once you sign up for Google Voice, you are able to make free voice calls within the US and Canada. Also, Google offers competitive International rates. If you currently use Skype and make phone calls to the US Virgin Islands often, you are certainly smiling at Google’s rates.

Here’s a fee comparison for the US Virgin Islands.

Google Voice: $0.040 (US Virgin Islands)

Skype: $0.058 (US Virgin Islands)

Google Voice appears to be offering many eye catching features that make phone service creative, convenient and affordable. This being the case, many believe Skype will face tough competition in the US market from Google Voice.

At the same time, we can look on the bright side and say, this competition will result in better service for both Skype and Google Voice customers as both companies are forced to win the hearts of its customers.

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