Project TALOS - Real Iron Man Suit Commissioned by US Army

Handwritten by TVD

Keloid from BLR_VFX.

The tech behind the Iron Man suit is near. About a month ago, the US Army issued a broad request for proposals for a Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS) for use by Special Operations Forces.

From Greek methodology, Talos was a mythical man made of bronze who protected the island of Crete from pirates and invaders.

With it, the Army hopes to give soldiers super human abilities like super strength. Even enhanced vision, including night vision and heat vision. The suit will also be bullet proof - meaning the super soldier could literally walk into a stream of bullets.

If successful, the TALOS project could literally change warfare as we know it. For ages, military innovation has drove the ever evolving civilizations of mankind.

The club and spear gave early mankind dominance over its Neanderthal competition. The chariot dominated the Nile, transforming Nubian Kings to Pharaohs. From the bosom of Greece to the steppes of Asia, the Macedonian Phalanx took Alexander The Great from boy King to Ruler of the Known World:

The Roman Legion turned an upstart King in the foothills of Italy into the greatest super power the ancient world had ever known. Not many generations later, the world hailed Caesar from all its four corners:

Military superiority spreads progress at the civilization level. Indeed, it brings change to the very face of a people. History is steeped in such lessons. Mankind the progeny of the teacher.

The Bowman on horseback turned a young Temujin from orphan to the great Genghis Khan, allowing him to conquer every stretch of territory from China to the eastern flanks of Europe. To this day, I dare you to travel to Kazakhstan and not see the face of Khan in all you survey:

Guns, Germs and Steel turned the Royal Family of Europe from Kings to CEOs - overnight successes. And from people to property for those who hadn’t the good sense to keep pace:

And here we are…

From boomstick to the longrifle to the M1 Carbine to the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. The thing is every nation has these nowadays.

The Royal Families of Southeast Asia have them. The Royal Families of Subsaharan Africa have them. The Royal Families of Europe have them. Even the Pope has them. Every Republic has them: The United States, China, Japan, Russia, France, England, Australia, Trinidad, South Africa, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, Sweden, Switzerland…

You get the picture…

The TALOS program is the new evolutionary leap in modern warfare. If successful, it will be the guns and steel of our generation. If successful, it will mark a competitive advantage in military theatre. It will be the one element of warfare not easily reproduced by competing nations.

And it would make for compelling leverage.

You see, the thing with modern warfare is its all so very boring. Push a button, drop a bomb - boring. Close Quarter Battle (CQB) - boring. What modern warfare needs is some flare.

Roman Legion with 5,400 soldiers in 11 cohorts - flare! 12,000 Macedonian Hoplites in Phalanx formation - flare! Mongol Horde 50,000 strong - flare! 10,000 Spartans, commanding 50,000 free Greeks - flare!

The TALOS system will definitely be flare. I can’t imagine dropping even a squadron of super soldiers on an enemy capital. The results would be devastating.

But how would the first generation TALOS system look? Here’s a potential imagining from the BLR VFX Team that brought us Keloid:

The Mech Suit:

The Super Solider:

How do you think the TALOS system will look?

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