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We don’t know where most developers start, but this is where we start:

Artificial Horizon Attitude Indicator Gauge Concept JavaScript

Artificial Horizon Concept - December 2012

The Artificial Horizon gauge was the first concept we executed on and it all started with a single sketch on a single sheet of paper. The philosophers and proverbs often remark how great things start from small beginnings. We believe great software is no different.

What started as 0 lines of code and a dream is now 2,316 lines of code and a reality:

JavaScript Artificial Horizon Gauge

Today, we officially unveil, not just our JavaScript Horizon Gauge, but our entire suite of JavaScript Flight Gauges:

JavaScript Flight Gauges

After 12 months of R&D, over 4 months of bugs fixes and enhancements and 20,000 lines of code later, we’re pretty damn proud of the results.

The Difference is Principle

We talk a lot about our six core principles of JavaScript development.

We built our JavaScript Flight Gauges on those Six Core Principles:

1. Beautifully Illustrated

2. Cross Browser Compatible

3. Lightweight Footprint

4. Vector Based for Crisp Zoom and Print

5. Highly Configurable

6. Framework Agnostic

We believe in those principles because great software doesn’t happen by accident. Great software is forged in principle and blood and sweat.

A lot of companies will sell you software. Any software to be exact…

But, not many think about developer happiness from concept to code. Hell…! Many start with the code and try to work their way back to you. It doesn’t work that way.

Let me repeat: IT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY…!

We do things the principled way where ideas become concepts and before a single line of code is written, we ask a single question that underlines all six of our core principles, “How do we want a developer to ‘feel’ when using our components?”

A simple question, right? But, you’d be amazed at the responses. Yet, at the end of the day, we care only about one answer, “Great!” We want you to feel great…! If you don’t, the API is refactored or the product doesn’t ship. It’s as simple as that.

That’s why we’re able to ship simple software that scales in complexity:

var horizon = new Horizon("horizon");
. . .
<div id="horizon"></div>

That’s why we’re able to develop APIs that make you feel great. Because just like great developers take time to develop, great software is not that much very different.

Great people develop on principle. Great software develops on principle too. Get some…!

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