Data is life

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Data visualization impacts us every day.

While capturing data is an important part of research, it is the presentation of the data that leads to actionable as well as life enhancing results.

Life without visual data

Could you imagine waking up one morning and not having a clock to tell you the time? How about not having a gas gauge in your car to tell you when you need to stop to fill up your tank at the gas station. For those who rely on your smartphone, what if you can’t tell when your battery is about to die because that little battery symbol on your phone no longer exist.

Data is everywhere

The truth is that data exists for everything we do. And when I say everything, I mean everything. In fact, visual presentation of data can make our lives easier in so many ways.

Here’s one example of how data visualization can change your next trip to the mall. Have you seen those parking spot detectors used in some mall parking garages? They help you find parking spots a lot quicker by showing you how many available parking spots are in a lane. How awesome are those! If this becomes a mainstay in every parking lot we would all waste less time because we are no longer turning into lanes only to find there is no available parking space for us.

Begin observing

Here’s a fun exercise. What if you went about your day observing the many ways data visualization improves how you experience life? I think you would be surprised by the many ways data is shown to you everyday.

Go ahead. Give it a try. And then come back and tell us how much data visualization makes a difference in your life.

Ciao Peeps!

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