The Power of Music. The Power of Minds.

Handwritten by TVD

While at the office, we often could use that boost, that heightened mood. A simple moment of fun.

For many of us, music is the ultimate solution as it uproots us from mental fog and places us into a state of clarity, creativity and ardor.

Give me control over he who shapes the music of a nation, and I care not who makes the laws. - Napoleon

It eases tension, when we are stressed. It inspires us to be innovative. It forces us to go beyond ourselves even when we face physical and mental constrains.

Music. It’s quite powerful isn’t it?

Yes! So powerful, it is believed to enhance our neural processing.

So, let’s not forget to grab those headsets as we aspire towards progress. Believe it or not, the headset functions as a lifeline to our elevated state of mind. You never know, one day you might need that lifeline!

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