Stop Faking the Plural

Handwritten by TVD

Nothing makes me chuckle more than when I see people Faking the Plural. I mean, seriously, you’re a one man shop. Yet, every time you talk about yourself, you use the proverbial we. Why?

Does going solo make you feel inadequate? It shouldn’t! What makes you unique is the Starter within you. You don’t need to fake having more people on your team than you do…You don’t need to fake the plural!

Your legitimacy isn’t built on third-person speak and press releases. Your worth isn’t wrapped in a sanitized executive bio and a detached online persona. Your worth is in making awesome products that add value to the lives of others.

You are a developer. Heck, you are a Starter and you’ve earned the right to break the fourth wall and introduce yourself to the world on your terms. Let no man tell you otherwise. So stop pretending to be something you are not!

Say it with me:

I (not we) am a brave soul trying to make something out of nothing. I own that truth and I am proud of it!

Besides, there will come a time when using we makes sense. Like when you’ve built a real team of passionate, like-minded people. Until then, let me be the first to tell you that you don’t have to feel less than. Honor yourself and have the strength to be you.

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