TV Shows Ahead of Their Time

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Lately, I’ve been thinking about some exceptional TV shows that unfortunately didn’t last. These shows had exciting character development and the dialogue was thought provoking. Let’s just say, they were ahead of their time.

To reminisce on some good old shows, I’ve posted videos of my top three favorites I wish were still around today.


This post apocalyptic action and drama series always kept me at the edge of my seat; awaiting every new scene. Too bad there were only two seasons of this show. Nuts!

###Kings A drama loosely based off of the the biblical story of King David, the Kings series was absolutely superb as the dialogue was rich and eloquent. Character’s like King Silas, played by Ian McShane, were captivating in every scene.


This show immerses you into a post apocalyptic future where the survivors struggle to rebuild a plague devastated reality. The spark of Jeremiah is each characters’ struggle between self preservation and the borderline insanity of trying to make his world a better place.

I find it unfortunate that we don’t have these shows around anymore as they are three artistic and intelligent television series I’ve enjoyed watching.

But, I guess no good TV shows leave me with more time to plan and manage more exciting projects, right?

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