jQuery Dashboard Gauges version 0.4.0

Handwritten by TVD

TechOctave’s jQuery Dashboard Gauges have reached version 0.4.0. We’re happy with the results and hope you’ll enjoy some of the refactoring and enhancements:

1. Enhanced Speedometer API

2. Choose MPH or KPH as your main speed metric

3. Beautiful Odometer - Photo Realistic (Optional)

4. Tachometer (RPM) Gauge - Purse JavaScript/jQuery

5. Smarter defaults when calling methods (In particular, the Constructor, Accelerate and Odometer methods)

6. More Example Code - More Quick Startups

More Robust Dashboard.html Example

Beefed up! Fully functional jQuery Dashboard Gauge example showing how to use our:

- RPM Gauge

- KPH Speedometer with an Odometer

- KPH Speedometer without an Odometer

- MPH Speedometer with an Odometer

- Fuel Gauge

- Temperature Gauge

Pure JavaScript Dashboard Gauges (HTML5 Ready!)

The best part is the gauges are pure, native JavaScript gauges. No messing around with Flash or other proprietary platforms. No overwhelming API to get used too. Shorter startup time. HTML5 Ready!

Just run one of the four (4) sample projects available in the Enterprise Package. You’ll be up and running in a matter of hours instead of days. Check it out, give it a whirl! Love Your Gauges.

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