The myth of the price conscious customer

Handwritten by TVD

The myth of the price conscious customer.

Andy Budd had a great article today called “Why designers are holding themselves back”. But that article could have easily been titled, “Why developers are holding themselves back?”

How would you like your application development?

We’ve been taught our entire lives to believe in the notion of limited resources. So when we start our own companies, it is easy to make believe that clients are limited and that the value of our services are limited too.

It’s easy to believe you are a commodity, but I can tell you from experience that you are not! You are not a commodity and neither are your customers.

There are more customers whose primary concern is value and reliability than there are those who can only ever see price. Take for example our Dashboard Gauge Suite.

Customers pay good money for our dashboard gauges. This is a fact. I know this and I can appreciate this. What they get in return is not only a product that far exceeds anything on the market, but they also get access to the source and the lead developers of the software.

What this means is if they have suggestions, get stuck or need help, there is a real person behind the product to help them get to where they need to be.

Try getting that type of hands-on attention from closed source companies and companies that fancy themselves the next Microsoft. It’s just not happening.

My point is, your best customers expect to pay premium because your best customers expect premium service.

A lot of us go into this industry expecting to be the next big thing. But what does that even mean? It’s hard to define. It’s intangible. I for one don’t even know what that is.

But there are values I do know well. I know loyalty. I know trust. I know dependability.

Now, I also know that our products aren’t the best fit for everyone. But for those who our products are the best fit, we can provide superior products, superior service, a company you can trust and a team you can depend on.

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