Silicon Valley is the Ellis Island of Entreporn

Handwritten by TVD

Silicon Valley is the Ellis Island of Entreporn

The problem with the Silicon Valley fantasy is the inherent escapism. You have to run away from your life’s challenges and opportunities to pursue “The Dream” in some unfamiliar place. Silicon Valley is the Ellis Island of Entreporn.

If you insist, go to California. By all means stake your claim. It’s always been the place to be if you’re in a rush. But please don’t pretend to be there for the customer. The truth is you don’t plan or want to be there any longer than you have to.

Business is about execution and sticking around and that’s the kind of business owner I feel comfortable giving my money to. If you’re not even planning to be around for long, then what’s the point of me forming a relationship with you?

What’s the point of me relying on your tools or building my business on top of your platform if you’re only here until the next best offer arrives?

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