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Astor Piazzolla was an Argentine composer who revolutionized the traditional tango. Incorporating elements from both jazz and classical music, Piazzolla’s Nuevo Tango reshaped it’s traditional cousin.

Luis Bacalov - Libertango (Astor Piazzolla):

It’s funny how one art makes you appreciate another. Starters can learn a lot from Piazzolla. Whatever you’re doing and wherever you’re at, give a piece of your soul to your quest. I don’t care if you’re in development, design or business development - give of yourself!

At approximately time 3:30 the performer begins one of Piazzolla’s most intense bandoneon discourses I’ve yet to hear. His music is enthralling and almost hypnotizing. At the end, you feel like you left with a piece of Piazzolla. You feel because he gave of himself.

Piazzolla took what could’ve been a mundane instrument and turned it into fire! Smoldering, piercing heat with a dash of grandiosity and I loved it!

Here, the instrument didn’t make the man or the performance. The man was the performance. My point is this…Your technology stack, your infrastructure, your access to capital or whatever else simply doesn’t matter!

What matters most is you! It isn’t Ruby, it’s Matz. It isn’t Rails, it’s David. It isn’t Virgin, it’s Sir Richard Branson. Fill in your own blanks…

Whether you maintain legacy applications or run with bleeding edge application stacks, my challenge to you is to fill in your own blanks.

And always remember it’s never the technology that makes the project, it’s the people who give it life.

When the Gods demand a sacrifice, don’t be afraid to give of yourself. There is true strength in sacrifice. Done with earnest, a man can turn a framework into a way of life and a bandoneon into a Libertango.

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