SearchFest 2012, Advanced Google Analytics and Entourage.js

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SearchFest 2012 - Entourage.js - Yes!

If you’re in the business of generating sales, you (no doubt) have used white papers, how-tos and other devices to generate leads and qualify clients. How do you track the ratio between downloads and leads generated?

Knowing that number gives you keen insight into the value of that white paper and how-to. That’s where a solution like Entourage.js comes to the rescue in tracking the download part of the equation. Knowing the number of downloads could help you refine your white paper, increase downloads and consequently, increase qualified leads.

Watch Lead SEO Consultant, @MikeCP discuss Entourage.js and other tips and tricks in his SearchFest 2012 presentation titled, “Making Google Analytics Work For You”:

Advanced Google Analytics # SearchFest from Mike P.

Need to track a large amount or even a small amount of file downloads? Checkout Entourage.js. It’s the only automatic download tracking for asynchronous Google Analytics that just works!

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