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True starters know what their priorities are. They know because they take the time to define them. Their priorities act as a guide for everything they do in life. And having them makes it easy to make business decisions. But make no mistake, setting is never cut and dry.

Before making a decision its best to determine for that point in time, whether something is a priority or not. For example:

Is venture capitalist funding today more important than organically building a profitable company that I’ll always own? One can answer this question much more quickly when you already know what your priorities are.

If ownership is a high priority, you may opt to decline VC funding. And while some may say you’ve made a crazy choice, the decision is made based on what’s priority to you. In other words, you can live with it!

As you can see, setting priorities may make the decision making process simpler, but it doesn’t mean that the decision itself is always easy to carry out. Sometimes we arrive at hard decisions quickly but they may be difficult to carry out. However, any decision in line with your priorities, is always the best decision for you.

So ask yourself today and in days ahead, what your priorities are. Do so and you will live life with a sense of purpose and drive that any starter needs to get ahead.

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