Never save anything for the swim back

Handwritten by TVD

Many years ago, a movie debuted that pushed the boundaries of both scientific and socio-political conversation. The movie was Gattaca and it changed my life forever.

###Never save anything for the swim back


Gattaca: Vincent and Anton's First Swim

Vincent: Our favorite game was chicken. When our parents weren’t watching, we used to swim as far out as we dared. It was about who would get scared and turn back first.

Anton: ‘Cmon you coward.

Vincent: Of course it was always me. Anton was, by far, the strongest swimmer. He had no excuse to fail.

Early Adulthood

Gattaca: Vincent and Anton's Second Swim

Anton: Are you sure you want to do this? You know you’re ‘gonna lose.

Vincent: It was the last time we swam together and out into the open sea. Like always, knowing each stroke to the horizon was one we’d have to make back to the shore.

Vincent: But something was very different about that day. Every time Anton tried to pull away, he found me right beside him.

Until, finally, the impossible happened.

Anton: Vincent. Vincent. (Anton calls out as he fell below the waves)

Vincent: (Rushes to save Anton) It was the one moment in our lives that my brother was not as strong as he believed and I was not as weak. It was the moment that made everything else possible.


Anton: Vincent. Vincent (Almost out of breath)…Where’s the shore? We’re too far out.

Vincent: You wanna quit?

Anton: (Pants) We’re too far out.

Vincent: You wanna quit?

Anton: No!!!

Minutes later…

Anton: Vincent. How are you doing this Vincent? How’ve you done any of this? We have to go back.

Vincent: No. It’s too late for that, we’re closer to the other side.

Anton: What other side!?! You want to drown us both?

Vincent: You want to know how I did it.

This is how I did it Anton…

I never saved anything for the swim back.

This is your moment…

Never save anything for the swim back.

I understood this innately and it came to define me. You see, that’s how I ship. I never save anything for the swim back.

And today, at TechOctave, we never save anything for the swim back. That’s how we ship.

I trust this. I believe this. I live this.

I believe it so much that my team believes this. The result is our customers feel it too. Each one, whether they know it or not, live that belief with us each and every single day.

Every product. Every request. Every customer. Every day. We’re all in.

To be frank, I simply don’t know any other way. I know no other way to ship than to give it my all. To pursue perfection with the fervor and fascination of the most devout evangelist. To mix bytes with bits and sprinkles of passion like the greatest of Renaissance chefs. To blend blood with bytes, the likes of which would make Da Vinci proud.

When I build product, the product is me. And I am an extension of it. And together, we weave the old with the new. Merging ideas with action. Birthing forth nascent reality. Forging steel from madness. Beauty from rage. The results of which speaks for themselves.

Giving yourself to the process isn’t easy. Part of it is losing yourself for that one chance to own the moment of realization. Realization for which the gods demand the highest of sacrifices and the utmost devotion.

Never save anything for the swim back…

Ship it anyway…

It doesn’t have to be perfect. The truth is, you’ll never be finished. No masterpiece awaits you. Only many unfinished Mona Lisas and Leaning Towers. Ship it anyway.

Cast your work to the wild. Test the waters. See what sticks. You’ll never know unless you try. Meaningless metaphors…forget them. The truth is, your work probably sucks. Ship it anyway.

Half-done. Ship it anyway.

No matter where you are…Ship it anyway.

You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake, so your work has to be…eventually.

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