The day Java died or The last nail in the coffin

Handwritten by TVD

It’s Friday the 13th and guess who’s playing Freddy!

On Friday, August 13, 2010, Oracle sued Google over the use of Java in its Android platform. Friday the 13th For Pete’s Sake! I mean, Holy friggatriskaidekaphobia Batman!

In developing Android, Google knowingly, directly, and repeatedly infringed Oracle’s Java-related intellectual property. - Karen Tillman, Oracle Spokesperson

Oracle picked Friday the 13th, a day steeped in tales of mayhem and open combat, for a reason. Clearly, Oracle means to send Google a message that it has the will and is ready for War!

Apparently, Oracle charges hefty license fees for the use of its commercial JVM. To build a more profitable Android platform, Google built its own VM called Dalvik. Dalvik itself is built on a subset of the Apache Harmony Java implementation.

Things get nasty because neither Sun nor Oracle ever endorsed the Apache Harmony’s implementation of the JVM.

So now the issue becomes whether Google infringed on Oracle’s Intellectual Property Rights when it developed and distributed its Android OS?

Yet another reason I advise my clients against building a company on an “Open Source” programming language, only to turn around and run their apps on a Proprietary platform.

Is this the last nail in the coffin for Java?

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