The greatest trick the devil ever pulled

Handwritten by TVD


Remember when we were in school and students would sometimes fold their arms around their workbooks to hide their answers? Well, what if we continued to be that way as adults? What if we never shared ideas or answers? What would the world be like?

The truth is, it is never a good idea to covet your ideas. For one, hoarding your ideas makes you become stale. You will always be looking into your old cupboard to pull out some rusty dinnerware.

Holding on to your ideas just reduces your capabilities because you will always think that you have the answers stowed away. When you do this, you become stagnant. Less of your time is focused on replenishing and renewing your knowledge.

On the other hand, when you share your ideas with others, not only do you help others grow, but you grow too. I’ve found that when I share what I know with others, new knowledge always comes my way. Hence, my cupboard is always filled with shiny dishes.

You may be thinking, but what if someone else takes all the credit for my idea? The truth is, you don’t own ideas. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people that ideas are property.

Ideas are open knowledge. It is never an idea that makes you great. It’s what you do with it.

So don’t reduce your capabilities. Share your ideas. Stay current. Be great.

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