Columbus Code Camp 2012: Update #1

Handwritten by TVD


Organizing a Code Conference is hard. I have a new respect for those who do it year-after-year, not for fame or glory, but for a more simple pursuit - community.

Columbus Code Camp is a free event hosted by Central Ohio’s best and brightest developers. Columbus Code Camp 2012 is our biggest Code Camp yet. So far we’ve had over 150 registered attendees, 28 presentation proposals and 15 sponsors. You can almost taste the good times ahead.

As an attendee you can expect what you’ve always loved about Code Camp. Since it’s inception, Code Camp has become more than code - it’s become an ideal:

- By and For the Developer Community

- Always Free

- Community-Developed Material

- No Fluff only Code

- Community Ownership

- Never occur during work hours

These are more than words. These are affirmations. Affirmations that learning happens beyond Monday through Friday. Affirmations that grass-roots camraderie can be lasting camraderie. Affirmations that we are bonded by community just as much as we are bonded by code.

This year, expect these affirmations and more. Join us for raffles, good food and excellent presentations.

To those who submitted presentation proposals - sit tight. We’ll be announcing selections and posting sessions on Friday, September 21, 2012. Thank You all!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Columbus Code Camp 2012 presentation proposals were some of the finest we’ve ever seen.” I remain impressed and I have no doubt attendees will have a most excellent time.

To the sponsors - Thank You! Your support is what makes Columbus Code Camp possible.

Take care folks and see you Saturday, October 13, 2012 @ Tech Columbus. There’s still a few spots left, don’t miss out.

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