Three Important Google Services You're Probably Missing

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Earlier today, I met a client for coffee to talk about his launch date and advise him on his promotion strategy. He’s at that point where he is wondering how to incorporate the right Google services that can add value to his promotion efforts.

Now you’re probably thinking,”Why not get as much Google services as possible?” Well, the truth is, if you are just starting and you want to organically grow, you more than likely do not need them all. I quickly advised him not to go bananas signing up for every Google service.

My Recommendations

As you begin to incorporate techniques to enhance your sites usability and visibility, there are really three main things that you’ll definitely want to consider:

The Three Most Important Google Services

This is the actual napkin from the meeting with my client. See, Starbucks isn’t completely useless.

####1. Google Analytics

This is a good tool to use when it comes to analyzing your web traffic. Using Google Analytics will help you create more targeted content on your site and as a result, keep your visitors engaged.

####2. Google FeedBurner

If you are managing a blog, Google FeedBurner is a really neat tool as it allows you to provide content to your audience on a distributed network. In essence, this is another way to keep your audience engaged and conveniently share your content with them. Google FeedBurner also provides statistics on your feed traffic which gives you an idea of how many people are viewing your content.

####3. Submit your site to Google

You created your site in hopes that people can eventually find you, right? And, with Google being the starting point for information search for many, you are probably thinking to submit your site URL and sitemap to Google to increase your visibility.

However, this method may not be the optimal route to take as you may find that after submitting your site information to Google, it could take a very long time for your site to display in search engine results pages. Even if you do show up on the radar, your ranking is most likely very low.

Instead of submitting your site to Google, you may want to employ another technique. One way to improve your site ranking is to focus more on linking from relevant sources back to your site. For example, write interesting and relevant articles on reputable sites that link back to you. Maybe even create an engaging YouTube video. Or better yet, contribute some awesome Open Source product. Do remember to link back to yourself.

Why is this method useful?

The more people you have linking to your site from reputable sources, the more you demonstrate to Google that your content is valuable and useful. Hence, Google will believe that your site is worthy of not just being indexed, but highly ranked.

So, think again about submitting your site to Google. Google can certainly find you through other means that will prove valuable to your site’s visibility.

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