Success Looks Like This - Columbus Code Camp 2012 Update #3

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It’s said the only true measure of success is results. I’ve spent my life believing that. That no matter the circumstance or deed, intent and results are all that matter.

Defining Success

Columbus Code Camp 2012 was by all measurements a success. We could mark that success with statistics. 200 Attendees. 25 Speakers. 5 Tracks. Everything doubled.

But when it comes down to it, our success was more than figures, more than speculation buried between statistics. Our success was measured by the amount of value we delivered to the Columbus development community that day - that is the true success.

This year’s Columbus Code Camp saw everyone from seasoned veterans, to college students, to apprentices. Each bound by a common ode to code. A common love for our craft.

Truly, what better measure of success than what attendees had to say about the event themselves:

Columbus Code Camp 2012 Feedback

Marked with great food - Thanks El Arepazo - and great company, Columbus Code Camp 2012 was one helluva event. Personally, I can’t wait until next year…

Looking Ahead

Columbus Code Camp 2013 will again make inroads in bringing Central Ohio’s development community under a single roof. For 2013, we’re looking to expand again.

For us, that will mean doubling attendance, doubling speakers and doubling the tracks. For you, that will mean more options to see the topics you want to hear and more opportunities to meet your colleagues and friends.

Code Camp was and always will be about the magic that happens when developers come together. As one attendee put it, “Where else can you learn Raspberry Pi, BDD, Scala, XNA Game Development, Performance Tuning and Preventing SQL Injections in a single day?”

This past Saturday, there surely was only one place - Columbus Code Camp.

On behalf of the Columbus Code Camp 2012 Organizing Team, I want to Thank Everyone for another successful year. Godspeed and Goodnight.

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