Words Are Wind

Handwritten by TVD

JavaScript: Don't Thread On Me

I love JavaScript. The Future is JavaScript - I believe this. They say figure out what you love and do that for the rest of your life. For some time now, I’ve been past the infatuation stage. With JavaScript, it is now a love affair run deep. Others share my passion as well.

JavaScript has played muse to countless frameworks and parent to countless more designer languages. JavaScript may very well hold the title for the most designer languages of any language. She is infectious.

Yet, words are wind…

Actions speak louder than words. With a language so beautiful, yet so misunderstood, it is up to us - her admirers - to go past her good parts and shine light on the innovation and aspects that make JavaScript so formidable and yet so frightening. I, personally, commit to this challenge.

Each week, I will comb through our most celebrated JavaScript frameworks and deep dive into our most promising micro libraries. My goal will be to study, analyze and showcase the type of innovation that evolves when a language leaves room for the same.

I’m doing this because JavaScript matters. It’s given so much to us all - I’m no different. I want to give others their best chance to feel the same. A chance to be free from fear and anxiety. A chance to experience JavaScript mastery in its full glory.

Chances at bay, only one thing is certain…

On the road to JavaScript mastery, there is no perfect step. There is only a step and I suggest you take it.

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