Why C++ Never Left

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C++ is transcending, transformative and foundational.

Some really good points are discussed in the article, Why C++ Is Not “Back”. I simply disagree with the entire premise.

C++ Is Transcending

We use C++ every single day. It has so transcended our daily routines and informed our daily decisions that we don’t even notice it is there.

C++ is the Invisible Hand of the software development world. It is the force that moves innovation from valley to peak and keeps progress moving forward.

Simply put, “C++ Never Left.” Think about it…

- Your favorite browser is written in C/C++

- Your favorite operating system is written in C/C++

- Your favorite video game is written in C/C++

- Your favorite SQL and NoSQL database is written in C/C++

- Your favorite dynamic language interpreter is written in C/C++

Ruby, JavaScript, Node’s V8 Engine, MacRuby, RubyMotion. Think about it…

All of these languages that we know and love. All of these frameworks that disrupted the web application development space; disrupted the Mac OSX desktop development space; disrupted the mobile iOS development space; All this innovation…Written in C/C++.

My point isn’t to be exhaustive - that I leave to you. My point is there is no “come back” to be had. C++ never stopped being an integral part of our development lives.

C++ Is Transformative

I simply don’t agree with people who tell developers C/C++ is not important to learn. In fact, I find the whole notion disheartening.

Don’t get me wrong, I hear what you are saying. You’re basically saying, “Hey, if you’re writing CRUD and LOB apps, then maybe you should rethink using C++.” Maybe corporate line-of-business (LOB) apps benefit from managed environments like Java and C# - I could see that.

The thing is corporate LOB apps shouldn’t be the goal as we mentor developers. Giving developers the breadth of experience to realize the best expression of themselves - that should be our goal.

Writing CRUD and LOB applications is an essential experience for all of us. But, that shouldn’t be your only experience.

There must come a time when you Stop Writing CRUD and Do Hard Things. Learning C++ prepares you for that time.

C++ is one of those transformative languages that opens the door to so many opportunities and possibilities. That’s been my experience with the language and that’s why I believe Foundation is Everything.

C++ Is Foundational

For me it’s simple…

If we’re going to tell the next generation learning C++ isn’t important, then we might as well start selling gray cubicles and golden handcuffs because we’ve condemned that generation to a life of mediocrity and in the process, we’ve condemned ourselves as well.

I pray we do not devolve so low as to forget our roots in this life. For we, as is our nature, find nourishment and strength in those roots. May we teach the next generation to do the same.

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