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Beautifully illustrate your data. Start reaching your goals.


Product options Basic Premium Supreme
Gauges + Yes
+Bar charts Yes Yes Yes
+Column charts Yes Yes
+Line charts Yes Yes Yes
+Scatter charts Yes Yes
+Pie charts Yes Yes Yes
+Bullet charts Yes
+Bubble charts Yes
+Radar charts Yes
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Great products begin with great components.

Every day respected brands rely on our Gauge Suite. From small proprietorships to research institutions and every thing in-between. All satisfied customers:


Beautiful interfaces. Clean code and cross-browser compatibility baked right in. The Dashboard Gauge Suite from TechOctave hit all the marks for us. - Joseph Carerra, PhD, Sr. Research Scientist, CAE

The TechOctave gauges look pretty sweet! They are based on Raphael 2.0, SVG and VML(IE7+), so they should work in pretty much every browser in common use. - Travis Greene, Sr. Software Engineer, Lockheed Martin

TechOctave used Raphael to produce some very good looking gauges. Best part is it's framework agnostic. jQuery, MooTools, Prototype - the gauges just work! - Dr. Allen Woodson, PhD, MD, The Data Analytics Group, Ltd.

The Dashboard Gauge Suite from TechOctave brings us a variety of great looking dashboard gauge options. It's been a pleasure working with them. - Robert Herbert, PhD, Research Scientist, JPL

Make more exciting moves!

Put your data on display with pride. Make your visuals count.

With our gauges you are ready for the next project or presentation. Here’s why:

  • Illustrate and analyze tons of data
  • Use gauges that are extensible and visually appealing
  • Enjoy versatile gauges built on standards-based vector graphics
  • Go mobile with iPad and iPhone
  • Zoom and scale without losing quality
  • Print high quality gauges at any resolution
  • Customize the look and feel of your gauges so it's a perfect fit
  • Use our gauges offline (no internet connection needed)
  • Blends with any background color in any browser (including IE7+)
  • Never worry about cross-browser compatibility again
  • Seamless integration with our JavaScript Charts Suite

Flexible and authentic for real data display.

Unleash your inner Rock Star ★. No matter the range or depth of information, you can capture what’s important to you. Our gauges are meticulously designed so you can create the personalized look-and-feel you want.


##Need gauges? Get ready to be wowed!

You can start loving your gauges. Hey, life’s to short to work with ugly gauges. Begin beautifully illustrating data today. Our dynamic gauges makes it easy to customize appearance. So now you can design your gauges to look just like you imagined. Here’s what’s included in the package:

  • Scalable width and height
  • Major and minor ticks
  • Green, yellow and red
  • Custom min and max value
  • Beautiful animated needles
  • Glass layer for a touch of realism
  • Stunning photorealistic gauge textures
  • Automatic resize option for responsive layouts
  • Over 70+ customizable properties
  • Over 30+ sample gauges to jumpstart your project
  • License

Flexibility is the hallmark of our Dashboard Gauge Suite. Our gauges are built to give you a foundation for your imagination. With over 70+ customizable properties, the sky is literally the limit with our gauges.

Stunning photorealistic gauges.

A little something extra - should you ever need it. Ever competed for a bid and it came down to who could impress the client most? We’ve been there too and know a little extra flair can mean the difference between deal or no deal:


Go all digital or use our photorealistic textures (included with purchase). You can even use your own custom textures with our easy-to-use configuration properties. All the flexibility of our digital gauges with the timelessness of your favorite roadster:


Our gauge library is highly-configurable, so mix and match features to create something truly unique and all your own. Make the purchase. Our gauges are great for executive dashboards, simulations or simply to impress your hard won clientele.

Cross browser goodness baked in.

Cross browser and cross platform. We believe in standards-based development and we believe you can get there without Flash or any other proprietary platform.

That’s why we use standards-based SVG, VML and JavaScript. No Flash means longer battery life. No Flash means our gauges are mobile friendly - Think iPad & iPhone. We built a JavaScript gauge library we love to use and you will too.


We’ve tested on both Windows and Mac OS X in every major browser. Including: IE7 and IE8, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and even Opera. You focus on coding your business logic. We’ve got you covered in the browser department.

Beautiful and Usable Documentation

Software that’s easy to use. Software shouldn’t be painful to handle. In fact, the information you need to get going should be well organized and easily understood:


We produce quality documentation of how our software works, insuring you spend most of your time enjoying our JavaScript gauges and being most productive on your projects.

So what’s under the hood?

Everything a sophisticated developer needs. Beautiful object oriented code. You already know JavaScript, so implementation is a breeze. You will find JavaScript and jQuery best practices with an easily extensible Gauge class and smart default options. Check this out:

var sales = new Gauge("sales", { label: "Sales", minValue: 0, maxValue: 100, majorTicks: 11, minorTicks: 4 });

Is it really that easy? Yes it is my friend. Yes it is.

Most of the time you’ll need to feed data to your gauge from a remote server. Let’s say you want to get the latest JSON data from your server:

$.getJSON(url, function(response) { var units =; sales.setValue(units); });

Here, we used jQuery to make an Ajax call for some JSON data. What this means is you can update each gauge without refreshing the page. You’ll be able to do this with every gauge in our suite. Think of the possibilities!

Smart and intuitive API design. Each purchase includes sample projects with tons of examples on how to use our gauge’s API. This includes a live example of how to feed data to our gauges from a remote server using Ajax.

For an advanced discussion on client-side polling techniques, see Long Polling with JavaScript and jQuery on the TechOctave blog. There we discuss various options for feeding data to our gauges from a remote server.

So, what’s next exactly?

Purchase a library package. Within a few seconds, you’ll receive a receipt for your purchase and a secure link to download the package. Each package comes with tons of examples to get you up and running in no time.

Or contact us to schedule a demo. We’ll walk you through the example projects and answer any questions you may have.

Support for developers by developers.

We built our gauges to help you meet your goals. This is why we offer one year of guaranteed support with your purchase to make sure that happens.

Have a few questions or just need to chat - contact [email protected] or give us a call at +1 (614) 398-1220. We are here to help you succeed and experience a return on your investment!