Learn CoffeeScript Like a Boss

A project-based approach to learning CoffeeScript.

Learn CoffeeScript Like a Boss

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Go beyond introductions.

Start using CoffeeScript for real. Learn CoffeeScript Like a Boss (pdf) takes your skills to a higher level. Take a deeper dive into CoffeeScript and start gaining the confidence you need to tackle projects like a boss.

Less talk. More code.

Simple explanations. In Learn CoffeeScript Like a Boss, I take you through eight real-world projects that provide a step-by-step approach to applying CoffeeScript right now. Here are the lessons we’ll cover:

  • Object Oriented CoffeeScript: Classes, Mixins and Jedi
  • Tracking File Downloads with Google Analytics & CoffeeScript
  • Using jQuery with CoffeeScript
  • Simple Contact Form Validation
  • Image Description Overlays using CoffeeScript
  • jQuery ScrollTo: The CoffeeScript Edition
  • Social Media Widgets in CoffeeScript (Twitter, Facebook)
  • Twitter API Search: jQuery, Underscore, Backbone and CoffeeScript

Downloadable examples for all projects are included with each book purchase. Use the sample projects to guide yourself through each lesson at your own pace or simply to jumpstart your next project.

Real-world projects for real developers.

CoffeeScript from a developer’s perspective. You learn better by doing, so we’ve made learning more hands-on. In Learn CoffeeScript Like a Boss we quickly get you up-to-speed with actual CoffeeScript projects you can start using today. Get the practical experience you need to advance your CoffeeScript skills.

So, what’s next exactly?

Purchase your copy of Learn CoffeeScript Like a Boss. Within a few seconds, you’ll receive a receipt for your purchase and secure links to download both the book and sample projects. Learn CoffeeScript Like a Boss comes with tons of examples of how to use CoffeeScript both intimately and effectively.

Written for developers by a developer.

JavaScript is the future. We all know this and we know CoffeeScript is helping shape that future feature by feature. Don’t get left behind. Learn what you need to learn to future proof your career one lesson at a time.

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