Marketing for Geeks

The Secrets of Making that First Sale.

Marketing for Geeks - Pragmatic Marketing for Information Age Starters

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This is not your typical marketing book. This is your quick guide to clear cut methods that will help you start selling now. Get your digital copy today (pdf).

Over 1,000 Starters sell their products using what they’ve learned in Marketing for Geeks.


The most comprehensive resource on sales and marketing. Many starters are ready to sell but don’t know how to begin. Marketing for Geeks gives you critical insights to help you jumpstart your sales. Like many others, you can start selling too:

This book reveals simple tips to help boost visibility of your business. It also informs you of some common mistakes you want to avoid. It's a fun read too! - Pat White, Independent Software Developer

Marketing for Geeks changed the way I view marketing. I now know of some simple actions that can help me sell more effortlessly and naturally. - Shawn Sanders, Web Developer/Graphic Designer

Marketing for Geeks has been really helpful for me and I believe this is mainly because the book is written not just from a developer's point of view but also from from a business owner's perspective. As a starter and developer, I found this book to be a great resource for getting my business off the ground. - Adam Walters, Owner, Adam Walters, LLC

So, what’s next exactly?

Purchase your copy of Marketing for Geeks. Within a few seconds, you’ll receive a receipt for your purchase and a secure link to download the book. Marketing for Geeks comes with tons of examples of how to kickstart your sales process.

Written for starters by a starter.

Nothing good happens until someone makes a sale. Marketing for Geeks is the culmination of our experience running TechOctave, LLC. That means you’re going to get advice that works - it’s that simple.

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