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Next Generation Aerospace Simulation & Training Gauges.


30-day money back guarantee. Support by developers for developers. Quick software integration. Top notch customer service. 1-year major updates & support.

Product options Basic Silver Gold
Airspeed Indicator + Yes
Artificial Horizon + Yes
Altimeter + Yes
Turn Coordinator + Yes Yes
HSI + Yes Yes
VSI + Yes Yes Yes
RPM Indicator + Yes Yes Yes
Heading Indicator + Yes Yes Yes
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The #1 choice for JavaScript developers.

Let’s be clear, you have choices, but there’s a reason we’re the #1 choice.

Clear and simple licensing. One-time purchase & the product is yours. Never worry about having to release your source code to meet GPL or unknown licensing requirements. No draconian commercial licenses. Simple licensing always.

We’ll never leave you in the cold. You will always have the support of our development team. Your bugs are our bugs. Your success is our success.

Unparalleled customization. Using our fully customizable properties, you can design a solution that’s familiar and yet unique at the same time.

Analog or Digital - You choose! You have the option to choose between an analog or glass cockpit experience with a simple flip of a property.

Great products begin with great components.

Every day respected firms rely on us. From the world’s most vital government agencies to seasoned military contractors to Fortune 500 companies:


The TechOctave Flight Simulation Gauges are truly cutting edge; its fresh design will take us into the future and sets us apart in a big way. - Scott Thomas, Flight Management Systems Integration Engineer, GE

TechOctave's flight gauges enhance the way we design our Instructor Operator Stations (IOS) and Brief/Debrief System (BDS) for flight simulation training. It's so easy to use and gives us the control and customization we need to create a unique product and unique experience for our current and potential customers. - Chuck Harrison, Flight Dynamics Engineer, Gulfstream Aerospace

TechOctave helps us demonstrate with style how we can deliver best-in-class aviation software that's modern, attractive and functional. - Paul Wesson, Project Lead, Training Systems, Atlantis Systems

JavaScript Flight Gauges

Easy to get started. Powerful API. Changing times require agile solutions. We believe our JavaScript flight gauges do something no one else can…We put your success in your hands - as it should be.

Our JavaScript Flight Gauges are beautiful and smart:

  • Illustrate pilot readiness realtime and accurately
  • Deliver seamless and beautiful distributed Instructor Operator Stations (IOS)
  • Create cockpit gauges that are beautiful & visually appealing
  • Enjoy versatile flight gauges built on standards-based vector graphics
  • Go mobile with iPad and iPhone
  • Acquire the flexibility to use any JavaScript framework
  • Zoom and scale without losing quality
  • Print high quality gauges at any resolution
  • Customize the look and feel of your cockpit instruments so it's a perfect fit
  • Use our flight gauges offline (no internet connection needed)
  • Blend with any background color in any browser (including IE7+)
  • Never worry about cross-browser compatibility

Meet Your Flight Crew

Beautiful. Configurable. Amazing. Meet your flight crew that will take your solutions to the next level. Our JavaScript Flight Gauges are beautiful, smart and put you at the helm of your simulation needs:

  • Airspeed Indicator

    Airspeed Indicator
  • Artificial Horizon

    Artificial Horizon Attitude Indicator
  • Altimeter Electronic

    Altimeter (Electronic)
  • Turn Coordinator

    Turn Coordinator
  • Horizontal Situation Indicator

    Horizontal Situation Indicator
  • Vertical Speed Indicator

    Veritical Speed Indicator
  • RPM Indicator

    Tachometer RPM Indicator
  • Heading Indicator

    Compass Directional Gyro Heading Indicator

Cross browser goodness baked in.

Cross browser and cross platform. We believe in standards-based development and we believe you can get there without Flash or any other proprietary platform.

That’s why we use standards-based SVG, VML and JavaScript. No Flash means longer battery life. No Flash means our gauges are mobile friendly - Think iPad & iPhone. We built a JavaScript gauge library we love to use and you will too.


We’ve tested on both Windows and Mac OS X in every major browser. Including: IE7 and IE8, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and even Opera. You focus on coding your business logic. We’ve got you covered in the browser department.

Highly configurable flight gauges.

Fully exposed API. Every background, every line, every needle, every frame, everything is at your fingertips to control:

Configurable Javascript Flight Gauges

We don’t limit you to whatever comes in the box. Our flight gauges are flexible. Need to show the current value, set the hasValue property to true. Need a completely digital version of the Altimeter, there’s a property for that.

For us it’s simple, give you the best software. Then get out of the way. We believe our JavaScript components do something no one else can. . .We put your success in your hands - as it should be.

JavaScript flight gauge glass cockpit.

So go all digital and create your own custom glass cockpit flight instrument panel. Or develop a custom multi-functional display. If you can dream it, our flight gauges can help you pull it off and then some.

No matter the requirement or client demand, we keep our flight gauges flexible so you can stay flexible too.

Beautiful and Usable Documentation

Software that’s easy to use. Software shouldn’t be painful to handle. In fact, the information you need to get going should be well organized and easily understood:


We produce quality documentation of how our software works, insuring you spend most of your time enjoying our JavaScript gauges and being most productive on your projects.

So what’s under the hood?

Everything a sophisticated developer needs. Beautiful object oriented code. You already know JavaScript, so implementation is a breeze. You will find JavaScript, jQuery & Raphael best practices with easily extensible flight gauge classes and smart default options. Check out this Altimeter flight gauge:

var altimeter = new Altimeter("altimeter", { altitude: 0, electric: 0, pressure: 0, pressureUnit: "hPa" });

altimeter.setAltitude(30000); altimeter.setElectric(30000); altimeter.setPressure(250);

. . .

<div id="altimeter"></div>

Is it really that easy? Yes it is my friend. Yes it is.

Most of the time you’ll need to feed data to your flight gauges from a remote server. For an advanced discussion on client-side polling techniques, see Long Polling with JavaScript and jQuery on the TechOctave blog. There we discuss various options for feeding data to our components from a remote server.

For real-time server-push solutions, our flight gauges work great with HTML5 WebSockets, so grab your favorite WebSockets library.

So, what’s next exactly?

Purchase a library package. Within a few seconds, you’ll receive a receipt for your purchase and a secure link to download the package. Each package comes with tons of examples to get you up and running in no time.

Or contact us to start a trial. We’ll answer any questions you may have and get you started on the path to integration.

Support for developers by developers.

We built our gauges to help you meet your goals. This is why we offer guaranteed support, for all active licenses, for the life of our product.

Have a few questions or want to start a trial? Contact [email protected] or give us a call at +1 (614) 398-1220. We succeed when you succeed.